Heritage property, organic garden (in process) , gigpad, cultural hub, art and exhibition centre or simply a place to hang out with friends and local alterns “Ballu” gets its name, from the matriarch who lived here generations ago, she was called ‘Balu’ because of her large nose ring which is called ‘bali’ in hindi and in the local language and thus the place got it’s name from it’s first resident.

The Ballu was built in 1903, amid large expanses of fields, streams and forested land.  There are views of the Dhauladhar range, and a stream runs 20 feet away from the house. We are a work in progress, the work is currently on to restore the property, design interiors and start organic farming to try and get “off the grid” by the next decade. At the moment, we’re also looking for help with business plan development, financing, website creation and design, and organic gardening. Call/email us to visit or any other queries. We’re open through the year.